Top 5 Essay Mistakes College Students Make

Well, this title itself is an example because there are so many top mistakes college students frequently make in their essays.

And the primary reason for those mistakes is to be found in their unwillingness to spend enough time and effort because, if needed, students today are capable of finding the right resources and help at their fingertips.

Well, the first mistake that deserves attention is the poor research and poor reference materials they use. It is a general trend among college students to depend on secondary sources that have already digested complex topics for them, or to depend on easily available internet sources that are not credible. When your teacher asks you to write a college-level paper, it is understood that you are expected to use the best possible materials for its completion, because your teacher has already written such papers and is well aware of the available materials. Your reluctance to use such quality materials and the escapism you have exhibited are easily visible in the essays, and this will make your teacher infuriated, resulting in a poor grade.

Another major problem with students is their reluctance to follow the right formatting and citation requirements. Isn’t it? Students generally tend to believe that teacher is less likely to give attention to formatting requirements and that the deficiency can be compensated by the depth of discussion and quality of language. But this is a serious misconception at the college level. Citation and refereeing are considered essential elements of appropriate academic writing, and your teachers will be giving much emphasis to this area. Therefore, if your teacher asks you to follow MLA style formatting and citation, you are expected to do that perfectly, and variation is severely punished.

Lack of planning. Yes, many students are so confident in their writing skills that they believe they can write a college-level paper without planning. This is a misconception. You might write a paper that achieves passing grades but not a paper that reflects your real capabilities. In simple terms, if you wish to write a college-level essay that reflects your potential at its best, you need to spend some time on it. Otherwise, you are in danger of writing an essay in which you fail to organize your thoughts, research, and ideas in the right way. Though the essay contains all these elements, the poor organization will make the essay look awkward and less effective. So, to ensure that everything is placed appropriately in a cohesive and coherent manner, you need to invest time.

Finally, theft. This is a very serious offense that will cost you dearly if caught. It is true that you stanford coursework need to refer various materials and use those ideas in your essay but there are rules regarding their appropriate acknowledgment. A lack of this will be considered outright theft. Similarly, simply collecting an old essay or one written by your classmate and rewording is another serious offense. Today, there are advancements that enable colleges to identify any such similarities. So, make sure that you do not steal and write it on your own.